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Abbendon Nursing Home

Abbendon Nursing Home provides residential nursing care for older people who are living with dementia. At the Abbendon we offer a secure, homely and comfortable environment so our residents can lead fulfilled lives. Being a relatively small home allows us to function as a close community. We provide the quality nursing care that our residents require, always to the highest standard and we treat all our residents with the respect and dignity they deserve.


The exterior of the Abbendon has a traditional facade while the interior has been designed to create a sense of openness and space allowing our residents to move about freely. There are fourteen single bedrooms and five double rooms. There is accommodation on 3 floors with a modern passenger lift providing access to all areas. There is a bathroom on each floor and all bathrooms have chair lifts. Our residents also enjoy spending time conservatory on the first floor. 

Quality Care

At Abbendon we are very proud of our professional, helpful stal; immense effort is put into maintaining the constantly high standards achieved in the home. The majority of our staff are either NVQ trained or working towards their NVQ. We are firmly committed to investing in our staff and all staff receive  extensive training. A high patient to staff ratio allows us to provide individually assessed care to each resident. Our team of Registered Nurses, through close liaison with a GP, are able to nurse unwell residents in the home usually avoiding admission to hospital which can be distressing for residents.


South port is a traditional seaside retirement town. Te Abbendeon is just 15 minutes walk from Southport town centre is easily accessible by bus and train.

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